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Verima software - MR visor

Our services

Software consulting

Conceptualization, feasibility study, software implementation.

Customized software

Management software built
tailor-made for you.

Mobile App

Native or HTML5 applications
for IOS and Android.

Enterprise App

Help desk, cloud solutions, management for better
corporate performance.

The Technologies used

Mixed Reality (MR)

The new way of seeing

Mixed Reality aims to create an environment in which the user can consider virtual objects as if they really existed in physical space. MR offers an immersive and realistic experience.

MR Technologies and Services

Augmented Reality (AR)

Enhanced Experience

Through Augmented Reality, the environment around us is enriched with virtual elements.
Digital information is overlaid in the real context creating enhanced experiences.

AR technologies and services

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intelligent automation processes

Thanks to this technology, machines have the ability to learn through experience, foraging useful information for performing various tasks just as humans would.

AI technologies and services


A new method of working in the Cloud

Cloud services consist of infrastructure, platforms or software hosted by external providers and made available to users through the Internet.

Cloud Technologies and Services

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