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Report suspicious behavior or irregularities with our simple and secure reporting form


In compliance with Legislative Decree 24/2023 (the so-called whistleblowing legislation), it is possible to report behaviors, acts, or omissions that harm public interest or the integrity of the organization, including:

administrative, accounting, civil, or criminal wrongdoings;

unlawful conduct as defined by Legislative Decree 231/2001, or violations of the organizational and management models provided therein.

This mechanism ensures the protection of the whistleblower’s identity and safeguards against retaliatory measures.

Reports should be submitted to the Compliance Function.

However, if the report concerns behaviors, acts, or omissions related to the Compliance Function itself, it should be directed to the ODV (Supervisory Body).

The processing of personal data related to the report will be carried out in accordance with the terms outlined in the privacy notice available at this link.