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Always with an eye on the future, we provide you with the best IT solutions to improve your company's performance with cutting-edge, tailor-made products.

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Commitment to innovation

From the earliest projects to the present, the driving force behind our work is technical education. Our team boasts professionals with educational backgrounds and experience across different areas of IT development, enabling us to offer quality services.
We believe in innovation as a driver of societal change and are committed daily to offering you the best solution for your business. We innovate out of passion and grow together with technology, providing you with qualified and up-to-date know-how.

Foundation year


App development and mobile technologies


Research & development projects in diagnostic imaging


Decision Intelligence for Industry


Acquisition of an industrial invention patent


Release of the first version of the Verima Suite


To the future

2016 - Year of Foundation

Witapp was born in Florence in January 2016 by the will of Giovanni Pugliese, who has always been passionate about technological innovation and industrial applications.

With the support of a team of IT professionals, Witapp aims to concretely support companies in the digital transformation process and improve their functioning thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as Cloud, Mixed-Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.


Witapp develops the SDAB Life Bocconi app, rated one of the best of 2017 by Corriere della Sera. The app replaces the traditional badge for the smart campus of the Bocconi University of Milan and Rome, constituting the access point to the various services offered by the University. The application also provides information on various training and academic events, news relating to the organization of the Campus and in general on student life in Milan and Rome.


After the consolidation of customer relationships in the web and mobile fields for the expansion of projects related to the Healthcare, Industry and Cultural Heritage sectors in the last months of 2018, the company decides to invest in an important research project in the field of diagnostics for images with the aim of strongly influencing the way complex medical images are viewed, managed and manipulated.


From the collaboration with Aramis 3D and Oplos, DIDO was born, a company specialized in the development of AI solutions and algorithms that help complex organizations to optimize decision-making processes. Decision Intelligence algorithms represent the latest technological leap in Business Intelligence: if Business Intelligence collects data and makes it usable, Decision Intelligence makes this data valuable for business decisions.

The Fincantieri Group also entered the capital of the company and an ambitious Industrial Plan was launched in the context of Decision Intelligence services applied to the field of energy saving, predictive maintenance, logistics and safety.

In the same year, the first surgery using the Mixed Reality technology implemented by Witapp was held at the Careggi Hospital in Florence.


The company becomes the owner of a patent entitled "System and method, implemented by computer, of 3D processing of tomographic examination" useful for the protection of the industrial invention linked to the Verima Suite. The patent has been extended to the territory of the EU and the USA.


The first version of the Verima Suite is released: an integrated software system that exploits Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for the processing, manipulation and management of complex clinical diagnostic images.