Witapp projects

Custom software development and web solutions

We realize unique IT solutions for businesses and organizations through a dedicated team of specialists. The sectors in which we are active are Health Care, Industry, Services and Cultural Heritage.

Witapp projects

Our Projects


Technology at the service of people’s wellbeing

We develop innovative solutions that have a significant impact on people's lives. We improve imaging and clinical decision support.


Integrated suite of software serving health care providers and specialists. The solution provides a realistic three-dimensional representation of images from tomographic examinations by exploiting Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR).


AR and MR for intelligent and more functional processes

We improve maintenance and planning processes at the industrial level, providing efficiency gains, greater flexibility in daily work, and higher planning capacity.

Dido Lab

Consulting project for the realization of a Decision Intelligence platform useful in industry for energy forecasting and maintenance. The solution was devised in collaboration with Fincantieri and implemented through implementation of two integrated software packages: a web app that allows import of 3D design files and a mobile app for the Mixed Reality viewer.


Advanced management software for greater efficiency

We simplify complexity by creating tailor-made management systems. We integrate complex systems to make them communicate and interact with each other.

Witapp Projects: Management Software


Application distributed via native mobile app (Android and IOS) to support students of MBA courses at Bocconi University of Milan. Dedicated student features have been developed that are integrated with the University Smart Campus for access to exclusive services, complemented by a range of supporting third-party services.


Realization of software for the National Confederation of the Misericordie, a point to which all information and activities of the Federations at the regional and provincial levels pertain. The realized project is able to collect in an organized, secure and functional way, large amounts of data, from master data to internal services and projects: fleet management, grant applications, training, news, events, Civil Service and additional services for brethren and citizens.


Implementation of management software for the Tuscan Bilateral Handicrafts Board to modernize and make efficient the current infrastructure. Contribution of technical innovation and more usable web-based services to different levels of users. Implementation of business intelligence elements to monitor and track system information.

Cultural Heritage

Software at the service of culture and art

Technological support in creating guided tours and installations based on Mixed Reality to enable visitors to experience exhibitions and events in a more immersive way. Implementation of solutions based on Spatial mapping and inclusion of Gestures features.

Witapp projects: cultural heritage

Galileo Museum

Use of AR for recognition of target images placed on real surfaces. Using a Hololens visor, visitors are able to follow 3-D maps of their surroundings and view virtual elements and animations superimposed on real ones, interacting with them with only hand movements.

Opera del Duomo

Using MR to create a fully immersive virtual tour to guide the viewer through the history and development of Brunelleschi's Dome illustrated through audio, video and 3D hologram content. Features implemented are: control by gaze, audio guide, information panels, animations and interactions, and audio effects. The content is usable for the visitor through a Magic Leap viewer.

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